The Arts Factory, Art Square, Union House, and 1st & Main are proud to be the geographic and creative center of the 18b Las Vegas Arts District where artists represent a broad range of contemporary and traditional styles, media, and interests. In addition to our commercial activities, our creative community provides an artistic lifeline and facility for many educational functions, events, and community group meetings. We also provide a unique cultural venue for musical concerts, poetry readings, and live theatrical performances. Our portion of the Arts District also includes new developments on 1st & Main street and the old Mission Linen Building! 

Eat, drink, lounge, book an event!

Warhol’s Loft

Looking for a space to exhibit your art, have your wedding, host a class or workshop? Inquire about our special event space: Warhol’s Loft , located on the 2nd floor of The Arts Factory Building.


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