Boutique Lash Salon That's Almost Like Therapy!

Today we spoke with Michelle Callahan from Bombshell Lash, her unique lash salon located on the 2nd floor of the Arts Factory Building. She's sweet, thorough and is serious about wanting to make her clients feel like a Bombshell!

Where are you from?

I grew up in San Jose, CA.  During my college days I lived in San Francisco and moved throughout the bay area a little bit.

How did you make your way to Las Vegas?

My background is hospitality management and in the bay area the price of living was sky rocketing.  I was paying $1,800 for a one-bedroom in Santa Clara and I thought, this is not working for me.  I thought, well, my mom is living out in Las Vegas so maybe I can start working out there doing what I do here in hospitality management.  I found it was a little tough, so I decided to go to cosmetology school, then to school to be an esthetician.  After that I knew I could not go back to hospitality management.

So what drew to you to cosmetology?

One of my aunts in Taiwan was Vidal Sassoon trained, she worked with Vidal, and my other aunt was a movie actress in Taiwan. I grew up hearing stories about them.  My life was here, their life was there. I remember seeing photos of my one of my aunts and her make up was simple and she always had rocking hair.  She looked pretty and cool. You know in the 1980s when they used that crazy eye shadow?  She didn’t do all of that, but she still looked so cool.  I was raised by my father so I didn’t know how to do the beauty stuff.  Stories about my aunts inspired me to want to learn more about beauty.  But I actually really don’t like a lot of makeup.  I wanted to learn about skin and about how to make oneself look beautiful without doing too much.

What inspires you to do the work that you do here

I got introduced to lash extensions here in Las Vegas --I tell my clients this too-- I tried to do the whole strip lash but because it's so hot here you go outside and things start falling --and no one tells you!  No one tells me that I have raccoon eyes and that half of my eyelashes are falling. Then, someone told me about eyelash extensions!  I went to a friend that I went to school with and she said “I’ll do your eyelashes” and after I was like, OK, oh my gosh, game changer!  She made my lashes look long and full.  These lashes are the best without having to wear mascara!

What can a client expect when they come see you on a typical day/appointment

I think when people leave they exude a lot of confidence.  They say, "I feel so pretty."  And the nice thing about lashes is that you just comb them and they last for about two to three weeks.  You comb them and you put on a little tinted moisturizer and you’re good to go.   I think that’s what people leave here with, feeling good and not having the stress of putting on all kinds of make up. And the new trend with eyelashes is called Russian Volume.  With these lashes it looks like you’re wearing eyeliner.  (This process consist of applying multiple lash extensions to each natural lash in a fanned out shape. The extensions used feel like silk feathers and are about a quarter of the weight of a traditional lash extension, meaning multiple lashes can be applied without damaging or weighing down your lash)

What makes your business unique to Vegas?

It's just me.  I build a relationship with my clients. I hear about their family life, their personal life --it’s like you build a friendship.  Every two or three weeks you start where you left off.  But because it’s just me, I know what they like.  We develop a personal relationship.  Also, I don’t rush people.  I take two to three clients a day, not ten.  There’s more consistency and a history.

What do you want Vegas to know about you.

That’s a hard question because I feel like I’m the lash girl that’s hiding under a rock ha ha!  Um, I want Las Vegas to know that I’m really good and that I listen, --that I’m here to make everyone beautiful.   I just want everybody to feel like a bombshell, you know. That’s what I wanna do.  

It’s funny, I’m also like a two hour therapist for some people.  They come here, they cry, they vent, you know, and I listen without putting too much of my personal stuff.  

That’s great for your clients to know.  That you offer them a safe space

I like to think so.


Visit Michelle at The Arts Factory, upstairs, in Suite #270.  She's the sweetest!