Meet Jodi from Calamity Jane Photography

Jodi Selander, of Calamity Jane Photography, is a passionate woman on a mission to get women in front of the camera!

In addition to being an entrepreneur, a published author, public speaker, a Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiast, and a postpartum support provider and mother, Jodi is a professional photographer specializing in portraits of women over 40, personal branding headshots, and tween/teen beauty sessions. 

Where are you from?

I'm originally from Minnesota; I moved here from Portland by way of Seattle.  I've been in Las Vegas for 14 years- I think I have local status now.

Where do you gather your inspiration and creative power from?

My background is in postpartum wellness; I've been doing that for 11 years, helping new moms. That led to taking photos of moms and their babies and then to portraits that focus on women. So many moms say, 'Oh no, no pictures of me- not with this extra weight. Pictures of the kids are good.' I don't want women to wait, or for us to justify it to ourselves. You deserve it now.

I had a friend that reached out to me to tell me she had cancer but not to worry about her.  By the end of the year, she was gone.  She was 40.  At the memorial they had a slideshow and the last portraits she had taken of her were at her wedding, (more than a decade ago). 

It's not selfish to want a beautiful portrait of yourself to hand down to your family; someday your kids will look for these pictures of you.  So I switched to portrait work. There is an invisibility of the older woman, this focus on youth and beauty.  As we age, we gain wisdom and a confidence that is stunning, but we disappear because we lose that "value" in society. Women deserve to look and feel good.  I want them to feel empowered and to give them a boost of confidence.  I create a whole experience.  I know that women have anxiety about being in front of a camera, so I make it a fun event with make-up and refreshments. She can pull that beautiful dress she has been saving out of her closet or I have wardrobe she can choose from. To see their faces when they see images of themselves, and to hear them say "I didn't know I could look this way"- it's gratifying.


What about Las Vegas is different from the other cities you've lived in?

Las Vegas is a transient city and it gets a bad rap, but you end up finding a community of like-minded people that seek each other out. The community connects and it is strong- we hold on to each other. There is so much this place has to offer.

What do you want Las Vegas to know about you?

That I sincerely do care about women and making sure that they have a positive, empowering experience.  If in some small way I can provide that for them or to their daughter, it's an incredible honor to be a part of that.

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