Effie Loves at the Arts Factory

Where do you draw your creative power from?  Who inspires you?

It’s a mix between Bob Ross and Pauly Shore’s character in A Goofy Movie.  “Bobby Zimmeruski” (the character) is so lighthearted about everything: quirky, the awkward one in the crowd.  Bob Ross is the “happy accident” kind of person.  He takes it in stride.  When I’m stressed out, I watch him.  He’s my role model.

What’s different about Las Vegas from all other places you have lived?

(Having lived in Georgia and Florida) It’s dry and I love it.  I like the atmosphere.  I’ve met some freaking awesome people.  I love the desert style.  I love everyone at The Arts Factory.  I love coming to work. 

What art materials do you choose to use and why?

I dabble in all art materials.  It depends on what I want to have pop and recede.  I like to include texture and repetition.  It’s meditative.   I get bored using the same materials and I usually have 4 to 5 projects happening at the same time.

What do you want Las Vegas to know about you?

I’m here!  Let’s hang out.  I like to talk about art and pick people’s brains.

You can find Effie in Suite #203 in the Arts Factory Building.

Website:  effieloves.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/effie.nikolakis

Instagram: @effwhaaa

email: effie@effieloves.com